Jesus warned of great deception before His return..

Jesus warned of great deception before His return..

Let the sunshine in. They like the good ones! They are great at packaging it wholesome and Good

That’s right, Christ is there offering his free gift! If your indecisive he lovingly helps you along by reminding you he’ll kill you if you don’t accept it!

He says he doesn’t hold me in contempt like other religious people would? 

But all religious people will toast marshmallow! 
As they praise this God that is a lie!
And All, Will Say Nothing!
While I twist and scream in torment and die in the flames! 

Or at least they would if the lie that they worship and pray to hadn’t already killed them! This Cold Entity of Hate Cares Nothing About Being Worshiped! And even if it did! It has no need to save you nor would it want too!

You flunked the test.


 A Loving Father would never attack his children, never kill his children after they become mentally sick, (mentally ill)  because of the action of another! 

And certainly not because they wouldn’t obey him, wouldn’t love him! Any more than a Real Father would if his children where physically attacked and badly hurt by someone who snuck into his backyard!

You believe the lies but you checked anyway!  And the lies told you not to fret yourself away, that you’re OK! Just as long as you are good! Just as long as you obey!  I know of who and what speaks to you. And I know what they say and how they say it to you! They have taken down numerous people with their sleazy abilities! But it is not words alone that they use to manipulate. They use emotion, they use outside stimulant, they use words, thoughts, they put in others. They’ve raised and destroyed numerous civilizations! Numerous communities! Numerous families! Numerous individuals, defenseless, unknowing, unaware! All kill in unthinkable horrors!

All Just So You Will Say, Yes Lord!

These are hard words, it is a hard truth you face and will ignore! As everyone else on the Planet faces and will ignore! You as with the rest of the World have been deceived! Like all devoted worshipers, he will continue to get on his knees and submit. They have been totally compromised and cannot be reached!

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