Words! Words! Words! The Devil, And Christ Are Cunning Word Manipulators

Words in a sea of Madness mean little they are easily swallowed up.

In A World Where 5 Billion People Worships An Indifferent, Tormenting, Vicious Killer, and Call Him Loving! The fact of what they worship and why they worship leaves little room for reason!

The majority of the worshipers believe they are an abomination to their killer deity. How did this happen, how did a mentally disturbed God become so widely accepted? The prevailing discourse is that the Religious materials were written by men to control the masses and for personal gain. It’s safe to say that a good amount of the people involved were there for that reason. And some were involved for more benevolent reasons. In all, they are books of manipulative (cunning) words. Words were written by masters of the written word, word manipulative masters. Whether it was for selfish or unselfish reasons they alone would not be able to cause such a phenomenon of accepted madness, such an immense unrealistic belief in a mentally enraged God.

In life’s experience birth, life, death. We are left with, what, why, where, compared to nothing, an indifferent God seems feasible. How did it become all about us, with God as the enraged indifferent killer, a tormenter!

God so full of love, that he gets tears in his eyes, as he drowns you in the tub!

A victimized God that just can’t get obeyed!

A God that’s supposed to be omnipotence! omnipresence! omniscience! That can’t handle it! Hold it together! In Heaven or Earth!

The human condition perpetrated by the Devil leaves us in despair. Left in our primitive mindset, our mentally leaves us limited, susceptible to a barbaric uncaring, distance, incompetent God!

The Devil has elevated their God to a position of untouchability. There is a reason that God is unapproachable! We have charismatic People and People of position, who propagate God this is one of the places where the Devil comes at you. It confronts these people allowing them to believe it God. The Devil manipulates people who can manipulate others. This happens all the time you hear about this (and immediately disregard it) with Religious figures you will hear them say God Talked To Me! Said I was his son, that he would be doing important things and to bring the message of God’s salvation. (A message God could easily deliver himself!) This is a full-time job for the Devil and the betrayers (Christ), Christianity, Judaism, Islam are not the first religion, not even original, And they won’t be the last.

Words, the Devil, Christ and the betrayers knows how to use them!

They’re Cunning Word Manipulators and this is where the many different stories and All the Religious books, that’s so many have thoroughly bought into, all come from!

The Devil! He has singled out individuals through time through history to write these religious manuscripts! If no moves can be made! When the Devil makes his move he will rearrange Religion and Worship, combining multiple Religious philosophies!

A large percent of religious people refuse to believe in the universe. You think it’s a big illusion for giggles and laughs because God had nothing else to do! If God wanted you to know he existed and gave you a bunch of religious books to say it. (Because for some odd reason he can’t find the door to come in and just tell you!) Why would God go through all the trouble to fake a Universe? What would be the purpose!

So some will stumble and fall so they can be tormented tortured, killed? Is this your God of love! Is that what you believe! The universe exists it is your God that is a lie, a disease, an affliction that is attacking the World!

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