Day of the Lord · Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

This is…. ∆Π∆ Natural Abnormality News ∆Π∆

Day of the Lord · Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy

Today on Natural Abnormality; He said he heard a voice in his head and the voice was God…. We all believed him it was natural.

There are preachers in the World that believe they are the chosen one!

At this moment there’s a preacher in the Philippines that, not only claims he is, the only true appointed Son of God. He is also claiming he is God! He says he’s the truth, the light the only way to Salvation! He has reportedly up to six million followers! This is not a normal natural thing!

Apollo’s not God in the flesh, but he is in contact with the Devil!

Apollo!! Apollo!!

I would speak, but I know it would do no good!

You cannot hear me!


The devil will tell you that I am lying which of course you already believe.

I will say it anyhow, that’s not God talking to you!

You and your followers, as is all the world are being deceived and manipulated for a very evil reason!

Apollo’s in an extremely dangerous situation and he doesn’t realize it! He believes he’s been chosen, the question is not if he’s sincere, but why has the Devil contacted him, put this belief within his head? And causing Millions to believe him! This deserves serious consideration!

There is no God, there is a Being “full of hate” and right now he has this man believing himself one with God.

Apollo, and his followers are so absolutely convinced it is impossible for them to consider anything other then what they believe! Making it impossible to reason with them, to warn them!  You are in a very dangerous situation. This Entity is consumed with Hate! It has no love for you or anybody, you’re something to use a weapon! It’ll turn on you fast when it is done with you.

They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, he is called Apollyon (Απολλυων) is the Greek name for Abaddon, the spiritual being (or place) named as the destroyer (or place of destruction), the exterminator, in Christian apocalyptic theology.

The religious believe the Devil has to stick to the script. They don’t understand the Devil wrote the book! The Devil knows there’s no bottomless pit! When he uses that term he’s speaking of “The World”

copied from their official site: In September 13, 2003, Son placement was completed when the Father announced Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy to the whole world as His Appointed Son. Now it is not only him that knows that he is the Appointed Son of God, but all of us and the whole world. Now, the mission and the ministry of the Appointed Son is to become His spokesperson, His audible voice, so that He could produce more sons and daughters to come into the Kingdom of heaven on earth. He is the Father’s second coming. The rapture is taking place as he speaks today.

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