I have Judged God! And Found Him Lacking!

I Have Judged God! And Found Him Lacking!

You say, Your God will Judge Me.

What you are really saying is; I do not like what you said and who you are and I hope the “Big Bad Guy” that I Worship will “Hurt You”.

Maybe it’s Time?… You Judged Your God and Yourself!

Why would an Omnipotent Being of Love,

Play Games. Why would an Omnipotent Being of Love, Be So Indifferent. Why Would You Call Him Love? Why are You Being †Conditioned† To Accept this Being as a God?

Why are you told, You Are A Bad Person, A Lacking Person for Not Having Faith. Why are you told you must have Absolute Faith. Why Would You Need Faith if God Loved You So Much?

Why would Your Loved Ones Suffer in Sickness and Die in Despair? Start to ask Why. Break Free From The Lie! Why Ask Why, You Owe It To Yourself.

Pray Your Heart Out.

There’s an unbelievable amount of Religious nonsense out there. A bunch of Religious Propaganda Nonsense.

You have to ask yourself why? And the answer is very disturbing. Ask yourself, why God needs to propagate himself so badly.

Why do you hear so much about how God is good. If That Were So, Wouldn’t You Already Know?

God is answering prayers all you have to do is pray your heart out! God will listen. Why would you have to strive so yearningly?

If God wanted you to know he was there to help you, Wouldn’t God already be Where he is Needed?

There is a much more sinister reason for this. And nobody is asking the big question Why?

The Answer is More Evil More Sinister Than

{We’re Just So Bad}.

The Devil and Christ Have Deceived You! God is a deception from the Devil, Christ, and the betrayers that stand with them. This is a Mental Conditioning that Christ and the Devil have done.

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