Puff The Magic God.

Puff the magic God lived in his own little bubble!

And then he created the whole universe just for Us.

And people bowed and worshiped Puff! And declare, that they would obey him, that he was love!

Then he wrote a bunch of extremely repetitious books, that said we were bad!

And Puff the magic God, like the primordial ooze pit! Went away never to be seen again!

But he does seem to pop up from time to time in the Mind of Man!

In Today’s Age

A Religion based on Hate, Indifference, Murder, and Human Sacrifice. You would think that in Today’s Age, this would be nothing more than a Remnant of the Past. Not something we are bombarded with on a Daily Basis!

Not something that Tries So Hard To Be And Intrinsic Part Of Our Life.

Not Something That Tries So Hard To Be Part Of The Vocabulary.

“God” Why Are We Saturated With This Word?

“God” Is A Weapon Of Manipulation. “God” Is a Weapon of the Devil’s.

It’s hard to explain to a World so entrenched in a mindset the severity of what is happening! The magnitude of the endeavor! What’s really at stake! And the Beings involved.

Take a moment and consider Our Father and Mother. How such beings would think!

And take a moment and consider how the Devil and those who stand with him would think and believe achievable.

Your minds have been compromised! That’s why you won’t acknowledge! You can’t recognize! The threat the Serious Danger! Right in front of You!

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