There’s no reflection on you. The Issue of Hurting! Where is God?

There’s no reflection on you!

You were raised religiously, your Parents were/are devoted Believers. That love you very much and brought you to Church, Mosque,Temple, every week maybe more. You have met some Very Nice People There.

People you Admire People in a position of responsibility, who often speak highly of God. And you believe very strongly in a loving God, Yahweh, Allah, Krishna .

Unfortunately, like your Parents and the People you admire, you have been Deceived. This deception is caused by a Being that’s known as the Devil.

The Devil Needs The Church.

To know Him is to fear Him! The Devil is a “Very Cunning A Very Evil Entity.” But the Devil Is Not Alone and it’s not his intelligence alone that we’re up against! The Devil compromised a group sent here by Our Father to terraform this solar system!

They have painstakingly taken Extreme Measures through many Thousands of Years. To make all of this Seem Acceptable and Natural

This, of course, does not sit well with you. You feel like the Ones You Love and the Ones You Admire are being Attack/insulted. The deception that you and your loved ones experience is no reflection on you or them.

We Have All Been Deceived, All Of Us. Atheists have been deceived as well just in a different direction/way.

This Knowledge, Was Not Available To Them Or You. It is only now that this Message is Getting Out.

The Issue of Hurting! Where is God?

This is one of the main reasons I post this page. In an attempt to try and reach People, Religious, Spiritual, and Non-believers. People who have been and are now in a state of pain. People who are hurting from the loss of a loved one. For those about to lose a loved one. Or anyone who has or is experiencing one of the many Heart hurting emotionally draining happenings that we find ourselves experiencing. For those who have prayed to God for help. Who has prayed to Christ asking for help, begging them to intervene and receiving no help, hearing no reply? You are left hurting and mentally dismayed. You know there has to be a Creator and you call this Creator a loving God “so way”?

I know you’re religious teachings tell you that your loved ones have to wait. Until some type of judgment to determine their fate but this is not the truth! This is a lie! that has been told to you. As hard as this is to believe and to accept you have been deceived by an evil entity, who has desires that require this deception this is what’s not understood by the People of the World.

I want you to know that Our Father and Mother are here. And they do love you very much and it hurts them to see you this way. I want you to know that your loved ones are there with them. As hard as it is to accept what I am saying about Religion and God. I bring you extremely good news your loved ones are not being harmed. They are not being tormented in hell. If they were suffering from any type of physical or mental illness. Whatever they might have, that will no longer exist. They will not have these ailments any longer.

You will not be forced to be on their knees for endless hours day after day praising these beings. You will be free, And we will be reunited once again with Our Father and Mother and all our loved ones.

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