The Religious Are Not Worried about the End!

The Religious Are Not Worried about the End!

They know when it gets Really Bad, they are Not Going to Be Here.

They know this because it’s in the Bible, it’s a good thing it is to. That way they have a step by step of what the Devil’s Going To Do.

Hey! God put that in the book purposely. Now all the Religious People, think that’s in there for them, Well It’s Not. God, knows the Devil’s Absent-Minded. So God, “Being Real Smart,” Decided to Write it Down! Step by Step. So the Devil Wouldn’t Forget, God, Wanted to Make Sure The Devil, Stayed to Script.

It’s Really Convenient too because the Religious, Now Know Absolutely, Absolutely, One More, Positively Absolutely, Know What the Devil is Going to Do! Step by Step.

But there is a slight problem! The immensity of compassions love wasn’t used to writing books, not having anyone to write to! So it’s not quite clear to some religious organizations exactly what old immensity was saying and they might not have gotten it right! The Religious Might just have to “stick around for the End with the Rest of Us, After All.

I sure hope the Devil Doesn’t Figure This Out! And Change his Plans a LITTLE BIT!

You think it makes a difference in your religion your stance. The events, they steer with cold clear precision!

You don’t have a chance! You can’t figure out what you’re worshiping!

You can’t even figure out that you’re under attack!

They’re on the move, been making plans! They’ve got the people all worked up into a frenzy!

And the World, well it’s still on the wrong track.

The World swirling in madness, it cannot comprehend, the unnaturalness that has encompasses it.

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