It is Cold! It is Cunning!

Understand the Enemy!

It is Cold! It is Cunning! It is Hate! And it has Deceived the World with God!

Understand The Evil! The Hate!

It wants to Kill Our Father! A Being So beyond anything, It could imagine! Beyond anything, It could become! That it filled It with so much Hate! and Jealousy! And now it is Here!

It’s Determined to Kill Everyone and Everything!  “It is nothing like Us.” It will not listen!

It will not be reasoned with!

It will not stop!

It will do anything it has to do! To Succeed!

And in its Mind! It Will Not Lose!

Obey God, or you will be tormented it will tell you.

It tells you that you fall short of what God is.

Therefore God is justified in his indifferent attitude to all the horrible things that happen to people.

And the people believe what they hear and read to be the true explanation of why things are happening the way they are.

So they line up in front of the Devil, they tell God they will obey. They ask God to forgive them they ask God to make them whole again.

They will pray for God to love them

Right up to the Moment the Devil kills Them!

Understand the Enemy!

It Doesn’t Feel Compassion! It Doesn’t Feel Remorse! It Doesn’t Feel Anything, But Hate For You! It Wants You Dead! This Cold Darkness is Here! and It’s Making, Moves Tightening its Grip!

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