We have a very Serious Problem and the Ramifications are Quite Profound!

We have a very Serious Problem and the Ramifications are Quite Profound!

The Devil and Christ Have Deceived You!

God is a deception created by the Devil, Christ, and the betrayers that stand with them.

I hope you can understand what it implies by having something like the Devil, having such Control Over So Many People in this World.

The World is Asleep! In a Deep Deadly Sleep!

These Word Are Entrenched In The Minds Of Everyone.

This is a Mental Conditioning that Christ and the Devil have done.

From Holiday’s for God to God Mentioned in Nearly Every Movie.

From Church’s Everywhere to Being on the Money! From Bumper Stickers To Countless Radio Stations.

To Perpetrate, Their Plan for Total Domination.

These words are Entrenched in the Minds of Everyone.

⦁ An Act of God.

⦁ For God Sake.

⦁ God.

⦁ God Almighty.

⦁ God Dammit.

⦁ God Love It.

⦁ God Forsaken.

⦁ God Forbid.

⦁ God Help Us.

⦁ God Only Knows.

⦁ How In Gods Name.

⦁ The love of God.

⦁ In The Name Of God.

⦁ In God We Trust.

Oh my God.

⦁ Only God Knows.

⦁ What In The Name Of God.

⦁ Why In Gods Name.

⦁ Etc, Etc

All to a Guy Who only talks to select people! And infinite Mind Of Love, that can’t find his first aid kit!

This is something that needs Serious Serious Consideration. Religion, God there’s a very Sinister very Evil reason why Billions are on their Knees to this Empty, Indifferent God!

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