They say, Gods, holding the Devil back!

You know, this would be a tough job, if I actually had to do something…God!

They say, Gods, holding the Devil back!

Well, that explains, why you Never See Him holding a First Aid Kit!

Yeah, you never see God Anywhere!

But you know, that’s not really the only odd thing about it? No that’s not the oddest thing?

No God’s Not Around and Never Has Been!

But there are Billions of People! All around the World, “On their Knees,” Worshiping!

I don’t know? Has Anybody Noticed That!

It just seems a little Odd? All Kneeling! Billions Of Them!

And there’s “Nobody There! Nobody’s There!”

I’m told it’s Natural! Natural! And I should pay it No Mind. This “Isn’t Good At All”.

The Devil seeks Familiarisation!

The people of the world know something is not right. They sense that there could or should be more to their existence.

They sense that something is wrong with the indifference in life, the Emptiness of death. They know something is there, they think it is God. And they do not know why he never appears and is always indifferent.

The Devil knows that a lot of people are going to worship a different God then the biblical one.

And it doesn’t care! It wants the Mental Conditioning that Worshiping Brings.

The Devil seeks Familiarisation! Acceptance!

Saturation! Of the concept!

One of the Devil’s main vehicles of attack is the Bible. Islam and Judaism are right up there on the Devil’s top 3 list and will play an important role in the Devil’s end strategy.

If you could realize you had an enemy. And if you could understand that God is a lie, a created being of the Devil’s, Christ, and the rest of the Betrayers. And you understood that the Bible was written under the control of the Devil.

You would have a good understanding of the mind of your Enemy!

All Religious books; Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Taoism, etc! Throughout all known history, have been written by the same group for the same objective!

I realize that You can’t and don’t want to accept this. This will mean nothing to you! Your minds have been compromised! But the truth is, that’s not God talking in your head! It’s not God giving you dreams! Your God is a construct manipulation of an Entity full of hate and jealousy! (Given many names) the Devil!

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