Get Your Christ; For Sale Cheap!

Christ For Sale Cheap! 

Sold to defenseless minds everywhere!

Recommended for young and unsupervised minds, no age restriction!. Let Your Child Play with a Plastic Jesus and dream of the day they can be on their knees, all day, day after day, praising his name! And telling him how awesome he is, for not killing him as he did to his older brother Gus!

Well, I’ve finally done it, I’ve fallen off the edge. I’ve decided to sell Plastic Jesuses!

I think they’ll really sell, he’s really mainstream, I think, I’ll do really well. My slogan will be; “ Muffin says; Nothing says Loving like a Plastic Jesus.” I’ll have all kinds of Plastic Jesuses, even ones you stick on walls. You can take my Plastic Jesus, anywhere you go. You can take him to the hospital, it will be the only time he’ll go..! Yes, your Plastic Jesus can always be by your side, just like they told you so. You’ll know they never lied. So buy my Plastic Jesus and show the World you care.

And forget that Jesus has never ever been there for you when he was really needed, or for anybody else for that matter. But you don’t care about that, or the Sinister Nature of all the mental manipulation, and fanatical worship, so buy my plastic, Jesus. It could save you, from being thrown into a lake of fire!

He’s Mister Love!!!

All sales are final, no returns.

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