Vatican Astronomers

Vatican Astronomers

I was surfing the Web and I saw this headline Lucifer is helping the Vatican look for Extraterrestrial Life. To conduct their research, Vatican astronomers are using a German-owned telescope at the Mount Graham International Observatory which uses the acronym LUCIFER to shorten a very long name. Later change to (LUCI)

The Catholic hierarchy said They have a whole theology developed around what they call the Principle of Plenitude, meaning anything God could do he would do. They also “say without apology that very soon the nations of the world are going to look to the aliens for their salvation”. Someone called Brother Guy Consolmagno, who has also been called the papal astronomer, told the authors some astounding information during the interview. Consolmagno also gave the author’s private Vatican documents which reveal much of the thinking of high-level theologians and astronomers within the Church. These documents show that they believe that we are soon to be visited by an alien savior from another world. Vatican research of the heavens dates back to the late 16th century when the Church conducted studies to reform the Julian calendar. Before it established the VATT on Mount Graham in 1987, the Vatican had built several observatories around Rome since the 1500s. The telescope is said to be as powerful as the Hubble Telescope.

This is indeed something that should be considered seriously. It’s strange that the church would make any claim about Aliens being Divine Representatives of God.

There are organizations out there claiming that they are in contact with Aliens and channeling information from them. Why are Aliens always brought to our attention?

There is a lot to this and a lot of reasons to question the phenomena of religion the phenomena of the belief in a God, that’s never there, for anybody. And the question has to be asked what could possibly be compelling Billions of People around the World to get on their Knees and Worship and Beg Forgiveness to an indifferent and empty God. This Entity, that a Vast majority have no exposure to, they build up such a vast number of Cathedrals, Churches, Etc. To an Entity whose only exposure they’ve ever had, is what they Read in a Book. This is Alarming it should set off a multitude of alarms!

Anyone with that kind of advanced technology say someone like the Devil who will say when he fraudulently reveals himself as a Divine Being that he is “God” (Our Father does not use the term) they will believe and instruct there “One Billion” followers to join with them.

Now you put someone with the visual appearance of Christ that they have tried (rather successfully) to infuse, a vision of in everyone’s mind on an apparatus of powerful and advanced technology, the Vatican who have “said they will believe anyone who shows up like this to be a savior”, they will without hesitation accept this as divine intervention.

This is the biggest threat that we will ever face.

We need to understand what is being said what is being perpetrated.

There is no absolute way to know what your enemy is going to do. But if you know your enemy and you know its mode of attack. You can narrow down the probabilities. But you have to know and be willing to accept that you have an enemy.

Director of the Vatican Observatory

President of the Vatican Observatory Foundation

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