Trump and his God

This is Bad! Very Bad!
What”s that Don? God said Blow up! What?

I stay away from making any Political related statements, that’s not what I’m about. But because of what is happening on the World Scene, I will post this.

Although my messages of warning will make no difference I feel I would negligent if I didn’t try So here goes. 

This post says, Trump and his God. But this could apply to anyone!

Donald, I believe I can go on the assumption that you understand hate. and jealousy. Now suppose a man filled with hate/ jealousy was watching you. 

And supposing such a man watched everything you did closely. And he learns all the intricacies of the business you have created. And where all of your money is and how to access it, to run your Empire. He sees the love others have for you, the Empire, you have built, the wealth you have.

So he infiltrates your business, compromising key employees!

With all this knowledge he steals a large chunk of your money and your empire. With your money and your Company assets, he believes he can keep you in a position of weakness where you will not be able to stop him. But that’s not enough he hates you! Hates you to the point of wanting you “dead.” But wait! That’s not enough he not only wants to kill you, but he also wants to kill everyone you love, your Family! Everything! But wait, that’s not enough, he wants you to hurt reel bad.. So he sends you Video Clips of him torturing and killing your loved ones! And he calls you on the phone as you watch them and laughs and ridicules you.

This is what has “happened on this World!” but instead of Money replace it with “Technology” and instead of an Empire replace it with “World.” Instead of You replace it with “Our Father”.

Now the Devil may have already contacted you or it may contact you in the near future. You will not be the first President the Devil has “contacted”. These are some of the ways the Devil might use; He may try using a loud voice, he might speak to you In your mind. The Devil might speak to you with a vision of Christ, this vision might be with the disciples or it might not. He might take mental control of a friend, or associate, or limo driver, and speak to you. He might possess someone you don’t even know and call you on the phone. The Devil has fooled a lot of intelligent people. I sincerely hope you can step back and see the truth that so many misses!

And although this will obviously seem Preposterous to you. You have been and our being mentally directed/manipulated by the Devil. The Devil may already have contacted you. If you have not already been contacted by the Devil you might be contacted by him. All I can do is warn you. You will not be the first President he has spoken with. You will not be able to reason with it, don’t bother trying, you can, but he will just string you along.

Good luck and May Reason Prevail.

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