Brushed aside with a word! Delusion, a non-discriminator!

When it comes to the World of Religion, there is nobody in the World, that’s more convinced they have their “finger, on the pulse of, realities truth”— then the Atheist Activist. unfortunately, The atheist doesn’t realize, he’s a chess piece, on the Devil’s chessboard! A Religious person, who’s had contact with either Divinity or Evil, knows the Atheist, is a demonic manipulation. And evil manifestation, created to derail the forces of good. This is, of course, something the atheist cannot conceive, comprehend, after all, he knows there’s No God—No God, therefore, No Devil.

The Atheist is half right! There is no God! The Religious, are quick to say, I’ve been deceived, or to call me demonic. Atheist Activist, are quick, to call me delusional, but I have had years of experience, and I know, the World, is in an “extremely dangerous situation”

The Atheist and the Religious have to get a grip, on the reality that, they’re both, chess pieces! They are stuck, in two absolute extremes, designated to their positions, they have become comfortably entrenched.

Creating a nice wide path for the Devil, to walk right through!….

There is a method to the Devil’s Madness!

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