The New Testament The Devil’s Smile!

The New Testament. The Devil’s Smile!

All You Need is Love, all together now! All You Need is Love! Everybody now! All You Need is Love, and bombs! All together now! All You is Love, and Bombs and Poison Gas! Everybody now! All You Need is Bombs! And Poison Gas! Bombs, and Poison Gas! Are all you need.

Jesus Christ, who do they say he is? God? The Son of God? A Holy Man?

A man who did not Exist?

In the New Testament, you have Christ. Who supposedly said he was here to die! for our sins. And to appease an enraged God, well ok! There is some mention of the Devil and how you should be aware of him. He hangs out with Christ for a little bit then he shows up in Revelations where Christ is blowing People up, and Killing them with Poisonous Gas Bombs!

But what about the Devil what’s going on with him?

The Story Goes; The Devil was a very trusted Angel of God who developed extreme jealousy towards God, and towards us, because he didn’t see us as equals. So what does he do, he Poisons God’s Beloved Children! So what happens to the Devil, is he severely dealt with? No, It appears God gives him a Planet? And condemns the children that he supposedly loves so so much.

They finally get around to throwing the Devil into Hell. I don’t know why but I think he might have eaten an apple or two along the way.

In the Old Testament, there is not much room for the Devil to show off, not with God running around murdering everybody! You get introduced to the Devil at the beginning of the Bible he just couldn’t resist getting out there. The Devil, is real, you can read all about the Devil, and get a good understanding of him in the Old Testament “he is in there calling himself God!”

And what about Christ? The Smiling outreaching hands of love. Christ the man of love who would, by Dying, overcame an affliction on the People of the World Caused by the Devil. Christ is arrested and crucified were told this is God’s plan to redeem us. From the actions of the Devil and God’s own anger and feelings that we are unworthy. To be on our Knees, day after day praising him forever and ever. We are told that Christ and God have succeeded in their mission.

But wait there’s more it seems you have to accept Christ into your life, You have to open the door if he knocks on it, You have to ask that your sins be forgiven. If you do not do this, Christ is going to put down his baby lamb and along with God Kill You and throw you in hell to be tormented! Sounds loving to me.

So what’s the truth about Christ and God that causes all this fanatical enthrallment!

Christ became compromised By the devil and betrayed Our Father and Mother and all of us. This needs repeating Christ is a betrayer. And the face of Christ “the group of pictures” that have a common characteristic that is put out there. It is actually what this person will look like. But it gets more involved! Christ is one of the Devil’s but Christ is not the only betrayer. When the time comes you will see Christ with his disciples. But what you will actually be seeing is the Devil’s disciples.

The New Testament is Evil smiling at you with its hand out, and you are falling for its play. Evil can hide behind a smile and that is what you have here. And you can see more of the Devil in Revelations you can see what it Lusts for. The Devil and the betrayers (Christ) consider the Bible, the Book of Revelations a Joke! But it is no Joke to those that understand what is happening.

I believe if you consider this with an open mind you can see what a real threat this is. What Billions will think is their salvation will, in reality, be the Devil’s attempt to send our Father into Oblivion. This is the cunning of the Devil.

If you could only understand what is going on here. What the Devil is trying to pull off.

When Christ appears in the sky Billions of Christians and Billions more will fall to there Knees and hang on to every word that Christ will say.

It is at that moment that the “Devil will have won!”

He will have the “World in his hands.

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