UFO, Aliens; You want stories, information?

It’s interesting, how the way things are going these days, that there is such a renewed interest in extraterrestrials. That there are numerous posts on UFOs.

UFOs, Aliens, you want stories, information, speculation on the number of stars in the universe that have habitable planets! They’ll give you enough information to keep you occupied for a long long time. You have reported sightings and encounters from very well trained people. Although, none of it has been officially declared extraterrestrial. You can run with that and say it is proof.

Or you can forget about that, flip the quarter and look at this another way.

Highly Advanced Extraterrestrials would have been doing what we’re doing now, hundred, thousands, millions of years ago! 100 years ago whatever, their technology would have easily picked us up a long time ago. They would have known we were here, this Galaxy would be charted. We’re looking for planets, they’d be looking for planets.

But there are people, groups who claimed they are in contact with aliens, and that they’re benevolent!

Now, this is good news!

This is good news because we’re about to get into one heck of a nasty war, a World War! And if those aliens are as nice as those people are saying. I’m sure they’re going to show up before it gets too horrible! And put an end to such conflict!

It would be great timing!

I’ll bet they even have highly advanced technology, that they’ll be willing to share!

People will be mesmerized, overwhelmed at their Good Fortune.

But wait, what’s happened to God!

Why has he been gone for so long?

It’ll be interesting to hear why the aliens got here first?

No doubt the Devil and those Nasty Apple Eating Angels had a hand in it somehow!

 UFOs and extraterrestrials! Understand this is deceptive manipulation for a reason!

In order for them to perpetuate the scenario that they need to make this all work things are going to get worse a lot worst! People need to be prepared they need to understand what they’re up against.

Understand, your enemy. Your enemy understands, you!

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