We’re gonna be gone in the twinkling of an eye… Listen to this man’s description.

We’re gonna be gone in the twinkling of an eye…

There are people who believe religion is just the delusional hope of desperate people. For these people, it is beyond them to grasp what has happened! They’re blindsided into one-dimensional thought. They cannot go beyond, as they see it, the erroneous enthrallment of the Religious to comprehend the underlying attack! And, there, are people who are just overwhelmed with, the joy of their God existing!

And herein, lies the danger!

This is where the difficulty comes in, “the incomprehensible” inconceivableness to convey understanding the seriousness of the matter The world doesn’t understand the threat.

He has never had a dream like this one! Listen to this man’s description of his dream.

It is a total fabrication! This is critical to understand! We are people under siege there is no God! No heaven Per se! 

People like this gentleman are victims of this malicious group; The Devil, Christ and the rest of the betrayer’s

This is the force the religious are enthralled with that seeks To kill Our Father!

Watch ye therefore and pray always that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass. 

Accounted Worthy! If only you could understand.

Listen to how the religious always talk about humbling yourself submitting yourself before God and Christ. Asking them to forgive you exclaiming that they’re, unworthy!

He speaks of another video he watched a woman having received a message of Christ’s Second Coming. 

Skeptics (Atheist activist) cannot understand this group is actively giving these people dreams and Visions and is contacting them in some cases giving them visions of Christ’s appearance. 

They, play the religious just like they play the world. This must be understood the religious believe Christ is going to appear. They can’t understand this being in any other context but a religious structure, they believe creation is; An, act of God! There’s no, God and Christ, is a betrayer! It is important to understand the abilities of this group! This group has the computational and technological ability to violate the mind They have the ability to hijack your subconscious to implement dreams Into the subconscious. Along with the ability to give a sensation of feeling. They have the computational abilities To generate thoroughly The Voice, the mannerism of deceased loved ones they utilize this technique in dream manipulations. This is the cold cunning of this malicious group

They will, the Devil and Christ make a Divinity Appearance at some point. But, the spin will be a lot different then Christians have been led to believe!  Within this structure is the cunning of this group that, needs to, be recognized.

 This group of cold intent it’s not omnipotent they’re not Divine they’re not Gods! They cannot fulfill the biblical expectations Nor would they want to. This is structured for a reason this is what can’t be understood. 

We’re gonna be gone in the twinkling of an eye…what you’ll be is laying dead on the ground.

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