God! Religion! A STEEL BEAM OF HATE!

God! Religion! A STEEL BEAM OF HATE!

I Am Love, You Will Not Defy Me!

People grab on to Religion, some of the reasons are, they’re scared, hurt or hurting, they’re lonely or they feel a void inside them that religion seems to fill.

They hear the message of love and it makes them feel good.

Religion the Worship of God is presented as a Good Wholesome Way of Being.

And a lot of Religious People do a lot of good things for Many People.

But what’s in the back of their Religion what is the Steel Beam that holds the Religion up.

Unfortunately that Steel Beam is Hate, it is that simple.

Their God is a Killer! Their Christ in the book of Revelation a Killer!

Both Murdering, Men, Women and Children, ruthless, together throwing People into Hell to be Tormented.

Are Religious People horrified, sickened by it? No there Fine with it, they are content, they are sure of their rightness. They know they will Bask in there Redeemableness, enjoying the Mansions.

One thing the Religious People do Not Realize, can not Seem to Grasp, is the Hate that Saturates their Religion. The Hate is what they Need to See, but somehow can’t or won’t. This Hate is the Devil’s. The Religious People, see this Hate as coming from their God. Who they must submit to. worship and beg forgiveness.

And somehow they are going to be safe from his Hate. They refuse to Consider anything pertaining to this Hate as Originated and Perpetrated by the Devil. They are unable to comprehend that there is an Ulterior Motivation for this Religion.

The Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayers are the Perpetrators of this Religion as with all religions throughout history. The Devil, Seek To Kill our Father and All Of Us! We must be ready.

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