Nature of the Antichrist, Episode 1

Nature of the Antichrist, Episode 1

The doorman cometh

This, man believes, he is the definitive Word, on God. And anything else to do with the Bible. 

I smell fear! 

They want you mentally conditioned so you will disregard all warnings! Manipulated with smoke screens of False Messiahs, False Prophets, so that you cannot be warned!

He says, Lookout! Don’t be deceived, anybody claiming that Christ did not come in the flesh is evil is an Antichrist a bad thing! Anyone saying there is no such thing as a Unity of Father and Son is an Anti Christ.

Christ is a compromise betrayer, Christ is not here in the flesh and has no intentions of showing up in the flesh neither will the Devil. God will always be in the background Christ will always be the frontman. But he won’t be in the flesh. He’ll be a high-resolution image that you’ll be looking at while your emotions are being manipulated!

He says the Bible is a beautiful little book with God’s fingerprints all over it. There are fingerprints all right but it’s no God! But they’ll be no convincing this gentleman or the groups he teaches. Can you see where the danger lies the manipulative power this group holds over these people? You put that together with visions of Christ speaking to them and they are going to believe absolutely everything he says.

If only you could understand what they’re saying.

If only you could understand this group and how they incorporate what they intend to do in their propaganda. God will build a kingdom that will never be destroyed! It’ll never be destroyed because They’ll have helped the Devil kill his only threat Our Father!

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