You know, you’ve lost your, manipulated pre-programmed Minds!

You know, you’ve lost your, manipulated pre-programmed Minds!

Sometimes the immensity of the sheer magnitude of the walls of Arrogance insurmountably to reason is a little frustrating! With both groups of intelligence Masters. (My mind is a fine wine, where I often take a drink.) You have no idea the pain listening to you Mega-minds, spew out your ego-breath immensity of stellar proportion stupid!

Your brains have turned to Total Muck! You can’t even pull back and look at the insanity that spewed out of your mouths! There’s no God you Brainiac and Ape-mans a delusional puppet!

I’ve given up on reason I’m giving up on systematic analytical intellectual appeal! Only Madness, Madness, Sheer Unmitigated Madness, has any hope of breaching this gigantic, gargantuan, mammoth, monstrous, monumental, towering, mountainous insanity! Of worship to a Mentally Manipulating Creep! 

You’re mentally manipulated, can you see what you’ve done!

Lookout! The packs on the move! Smokescreen on top of smokescreens, they’ve thrown them a bone!

They’re blowing the trumpet the race has begun!

You’re all lined up! You’re racing off! You’ve heard the starting gun!

That’s right get down on your knees! Listen to what they say, do everything you’re told to! Obey be obedient without question! Obey, obey, obey, worship, worship, and pray.

Hold on!

I don’t think we have to worry?

I talked to an Atheist activist!

Arrogance Man!

They pop up like a banker when you deposit large sums of money. He’s there to remind you if you start thinking, something looks a little weird? That you’re starting to get a bit delusional. He told me, any intelligent person, he said, much like himself. Could see it was just a Symbiotic mass hallucination, that was affecting people through time and space. So I really had nothing to be concerned about just forgot about it. I felt relief!

So take the free gift or be killed and join God in Paradise and watch the bad people screaming in hell and burning up together! They never would have been decent folk, like us anyways.

You listened real good. They’re happy when you do what you’re told!

I shouldn’t rant! I know better, it’s really not your fault. You’re all very ill mentally ill, and you don’t know it! It’s just sometimes.…

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