Dave’s Not Here!

Knock knock!

Who is it?

It’s Me, Dave, Man. Open Up!

We’ve Got A Serious Problem! I’ve Come To Warn You About God! 

And The Group that’s Behind The God Deception!


It’s, Dave. C’mon, man, open up.

Listen, This Is Seriously Wrong! 

They Demand That You Pray To This God, And Worship This God! And Obey God! Obey God! Obey God! 

Understand Their Brainwashing People To Obey! 

 So They’ll Do Whatever They Are Told! Without Question!


Yeah, Dave.

Dave’s not here.

What the hell? No, man, I am Dave, man. Will you…

Listen, They’re Saying, You Need To Tell This So-Called God You Love Him! And Ask Him To Forgive You! 

(Do you see? They’re conditioned to think and act like they’re the offense the violation!) 

And To Enter Your Mind! They’ve Convinced People, 

It’s “Good And Desirable” To Be Mentally Violated! 

This Group, Has Them Begging To Be Violated By Them!

Who is it?

Oh, what the hell? Open up the door! It’s Dave!


Right, man. Now, will you open up the door?

Listen, Do You Understand What I’m Saying? 

They Actually Believe It’s A “Good Thing” That He, Violates Their Minds!

They Tell You It’s Because You’re A Sinner All Covered In Sin! 

(One Of Their Most Powerful Weapons ls Psychological Damage!) 

But This is What They Have Done To The People! This ls Their Lie! To Make You Submissive To Them!

C’mon! Open up the door, will you?

Who is it?

Dave! D-A-V-E! Will you open up the goddam door!

This Group, That Has A Great Deal Of The World Calling Then, Infinite Love! 

This Group Uses Threats Repetitively? 

Telling You. If You Don’t Obey Unquestionably! They’ll Throw You Into Hell, And Torment You Next To Your Kid, Man!


Oh, what the hell is it… c’mon. Open up the door. It’s Dave!

Listen, Then They Tell You, For Your Dedicated Reward Of Total And Absolute Obedience 

When You Die. You Are Going To Have A Life Of Bliss Worship God! 
And Telling God How Great He ls, All Day Long! Forever And Ever! 

But This ls A Ruse 

They’re Actuality Planning To Kill Everyone! In The Execution Of Their Plan!


Right, man. Dave. Now, will you open up the door?

Dave’s not here……..

God is no joke, it is a concept that is being wielded by a very evil, very serious group to manipulate the World! People are more than is understood, and likewise, the World has been trapped in something bigger than is understood! You need to ask yourself what propaganda are they pushing and why? Two things their propaganda focuses on, the first absolute obedience! You must obey with absoluteness everything they demand of you! Second, you are unworthy a sinner your thinking flawed! That their thinking is absolutely right and true! A serious wrong is happening! The World somehow needs to come to an awareness of this horrible situation!

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