Inner Earth/Pleiadian 333

2018 Inner Earth/Pleiadian 333 New Earth Message Number Sequences Contact /Sedona

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. Experience transformational and healing transmissions in the language of light in ancient Solfeggio frequencies of Miracles and DNA repair.

 I’m left stymied in thought?

Okay, what do we have here we have the Pleiadian and other aliens she believes are making contact with her.

She, says she’s in a Powerful vortex a place where the land of Gaia, is calling her home.

She says this was a very powerful experience for her a very powerful awakening, communion, and awakening, for many years. A relationship that started for many years and after this contact this Awakening which she realizes now is a part of her lineage. Realms started to open up just almost like literally clear as day I could see these Blueprints all kinds of different blueprints one after the next and this continued for three months These Blueprints were Technologies, Interstellar Technologies, portals, City of Lights, Energies all different technologies that serve the highest and greatest good. These beings have a message to share with us. It is of the one Earth and it is of the unity grid consciousness that we are here to awaken and to connect with there’s a new way of contact you are and we are being awakened and contacted by our Galactic interdimensional ascended Realm families.

She says that she’s had beings physically show up at the Cathedral and also Mother Mary (Mad Mag) who brought the rosary.

She says this contact that is being made, is happening at a very hi residency high-frequency level and the way that she has been experiencing it is when she wakes up she will see this portal and it is like a higher-dimensional field and in this portal in this field is communication. This communication is, Movement, it is of a design it is a resonance it is a frequency. It’s not always in words, so they’re, not always using telepathy she said.

she says one of the groups she’s communicating with have a Mayan look this group has a bit more of the Mayan influence kind of a native indigenous Mayan influence in the way that they look but they’re also ascended beings. And they are collectively working and helping us and how we’re communicating now is through this one Earth this one field it’s very powerful and very significant.

This is an extremely serious issue we are in an extremely dangerous situation!

A situation, that the world is completely oblivious as to what is going on around them. You have the atheist, who believes, everybody is a nutjob but, themselves. With, them, absolutely nothing could possibly be except possible extraterrestrials, which after, numerous and extensive searches have yet to reveal themselves and  have yet to be found hiding in some distant Galaxy. And they won’t be because they’re not there!

They, think all the spiritualism is just a bunch of foolish nonsense of silly, delusional people And, a good chunk of it is. But that’s not what’s Happening Here! And then you have the religious enthralled and, entrenched they see, this only as of the work of the devil which of course it is but not in a context, that they think.

This woman is an unfortunate victim of the Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayers. They have pulled out, all the stops they have bombarded, this unfortunate woman with an immensity of manipulative Structuring. And, unfortunately, this woman, overwhelmed cannot help succumbing to the immense, manipulative, material that, she is confronted with. Subsequently devoting, her life, too, what she, believes is a higher calling for, the well-being, of the world

Red flag 🚩 Once again as always the theme is on Technologies Technologies the world will be in need of. Technologies that they won’t be able to completely understand but able to implement.

🚩 This is a direct tie to the Ayahuasca entities! Can you see it? While the World Sleeps; This group of cold calculated precision is fortifying a solid front with the intention of slipping in through the backdoor! And then coming around through the front again!

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