New Study Suggests 36 Alien Civilizations In The Milky Way, But…

Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about a new study that tries to find out how many communicating extra terrestrial intelligences there could be around the galaxy and why we don’t see them, thus solving the Fermi paradox.

We’re, not seeing anyone out there any other intelligent life?

It seems the answer to, the problem is simple They’re, All Dead!

It seems as soon as alien civilizations are capable of flipping a switch they blow themselves up or they just die-off somehow!

They’re wrong dead wrong! 

The problem is that you’re using the wrong math!

The thing of it is you need to understand the Crux of the situation what’s actually, happening!

You can’t get there from here.

The fundamental flaw with the equation and any, other equations they, come up, with. Is it’s working on the assumption that our existence on this planet is a natural occurrence, which it is not!

They’ll be eventually contacted by aliens extremely advanced, alien! Probably the Pleiadians! That one seems to be running rampant all over the place? ( Barbara, I’m envisioning a cosmic four) These extraterrestrials won’t be claiming there from this dimension they be claiming to have come from another dimension! Which in actuality they will be from. They’re not at this moment in another dimension. There, hovering just out of sight, in a dimensional field. But they won’t actually be extraterrestrials. It’ll be the Devil, Christ an the rest of the Betrayer’s putting their deception in place.

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