I Face Immense Walls! Of Stagnant thought!

I Face Immense Walls! Of Stagnant thought!

Impervious to reason!

The World has been, Mentally Imprisoned in perceptions of thought that it cannot Escape!

I can not break through the walls that the Devil has built around You.

You laugh from behind the wall, you think you are safe. My words you brush off as ridiculous. What I tell you, is no joking matter!

There is no more serious a message that could be Given! Then the World’s Population is in Imminent Danger! Of Being Totally Wiped Out Of Existence!

Yet no message is more ridiculed.

Your minds have been compromised. So entrenched they are, in this mental imprisonment! That they will vehemently fight with all they have to protect this entrenched mindset! The mind of man, his controlled thoughts, his ego, his arrogance traps him. This attack “of God” is a mental illness created by the Devil and the Betrayers

The perceptions of the World, We evolved from an Apeman! and when we die, we die into nothingness! The second revolves around a Religious nature we can’t have an existence without the existence of a God!

And the third is that somehow extraterrestrials were involved in our evolution. This looks like the odd duck out doesn’t it? But this is a deception that can’t be perceived this is cunning this is them working a manipulative angle for a reason? Alien Star Seeders! Benevolent Extraterrestrials, with Technologies. Like the deception of God, this is not something to be sneered at with contempt!

The mindset that these are the only options that exist the only possible way it could be is a manipulation of reason! Our existence our thought processes have been manipulated to believe there can only be one of these within the context of our existence!

Apeman, Biblical God, And, Aliens from, Dimensions unknown have nothing to do, with our existence! We are more than is understood We are, an illimitable existence. And we are under attack!

Our continued existence at this moment in time is extremely threatened! The world needs to wake up! And come together and understand what has happened to them! And is happening to them at this very moment.

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