The End Times! They Say This Is It!

The End Times! They Say This Is It!

But How Will The Events To Come Unfold?

We know that the Devil has Control of the Planet for the Most Part. He obviously doesn’t have Complete Control, I would Not Be Posting, and you would not be reading this if that was the case.

We know the Devil has a stronghold on Billions through his Proliferation of Religion, the concept of God, and Christ. We know of the Mental Manipulation that the World has Succumb to. And we know we Can’t Stop This Wrong.

Something is going to happen. Through my post, we know that our Father and Mother have been Blocked from the Planet. For Thousands of Years, they are diligently working to stop the Devil.

With so many pushing the Alien agenda! You have to Wonder if Aliens aren’t in the Plans Somewhere!

So how might things unfold? We know that the Devil is working on more than one front. God, Christ, and Aliens! Yes, Aliens. We know of the Alien connection through the Vatican’s Telescope L.U.C.I.F.E.R and their announcement that they would see any contacts by Aliens to be “Divine Providence” from their God.

We also get a lot of Propaganda pertaining to Aliens with articles about the Continent of Antarctica.

The persistent insistence by the deceived and unscrupulous on the existence of extraterrestrials is not being perpetrated to keep us entertained! This is a deception that can’t be perceived this is cunning this is them working a manipulative angle for a reason

We know that the Devil, Will Appear with Christ and announce that he is God! Billions will fall for this. But they will have the extraterrestrials show up first and will play them off as the great answer to our problems Then to turn around and pretend to Vanquish them in the nick of time!

The world is operating under false assumptions a great deception!

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