John Barnett; In chapter 9, the apostle John introduces us to the dreadful realm of the fallen spirits and their abode: the abyss.

He says this would make an incredible movie to see this bright shining lightning coming down from heaven. An Angel unlocking this pit and smoke billowing up like a volcanic eruption and then screeching out of this smoke the angels of Doom.

The Super Angels!

He says the Devil has a mission to kill, to steal, to destroy

He says they’re more powerful then we can understand the Devil is the greatest most powerful being that God made that’s now his enemy. This is the reality of the Alien Invaders, Alien Invaders are most often seen in the Bible as demons but we’re going to see even more fearsome ones in the tribulation that are called Angels of Doom.

He says the real danger is spiritual warfare each day we walk through Satan’s Dark Realm! Where he has well-placed archers He says to think of a medieval battle or in more modern terms Such as Cowboys and Indians and think of arrows being shot Only the Bible says Satan’s arrows are ignited their fiery darts. An example he said would be an impure thought is a fiery dart. He goes on to say, have you ever been sitting working on your lessons your devotional time memorizing a verse He says you’ll have a thought come through your mind that’s so horrible you pause yourself and say where did that come from? Stop! He says where did that come from?

He says the Devil can shoot into our minds fiery darts An example of that would be; The flaming darts of anger into your mind. He says an impure thought is an example of a fiery dart. The impact and splatter of this fiercely burning Arrow can ignite within our minds doubt Disobedience that’s Satan’s simple goal that’s the dangerous world we live.

Is this to entertain, he says, no it’s to warn us! They’re very powerful more so than almost any of us can comprehend.

He says The Shield of faith is all you need.

You might as well be trying to stop bullets with your hand! (that also is one of their manipulations)

Although another unfortunate victim of the Devil and his team (Who you gonna root for?)This buggers, got one, twisted tongue!

He says the Devil is the greatest most powerfulest Angel that God ever made. Does it almost seem like the Devil writes, his own material? He doesn’t, it’s, the team, (who you gonna root for?) actually it’s compromised, betrayers who dictated all religious material, to other victims, Incapable of understanding this evil group’s true nature.

The Devil, Christ, and the betrayer’s had to explain the Devil this way in order to explain (and disguise) their abilities!

He says to think of a medieval battle or in more modern terms Such as Cowboys and Indians and think of arrows being shot. Only the Bible says Satan’s arrows are ignited their fiery darts.

Think In modern terms cowboys and Indians with arrows! Modern terms? I called this the bait-and-switch maneuver. See how they manipulate your thought process give you the impression you’re, thinking one way. Then get you thinking down in a diminish primitive state flaming, arrows! Where does he think the Devil is getting these flaming arrows that he supplies to all his Super Angels of Doom? I suppose they are sitting on fluffy clouds when they’re shooting there flaming arrows (cupid is not happy). Is he wielding them up like the religious believe God does in a swirl of mystical, mysticism?

This gentleman, like almost all religious leaders, teachers believe, they are, doing good but they’ve been caught as the World has in a snare of deception. They have no concept of the abilities of this incomprehensible evil group.

There, isn’t a multitude of demons running around shooting, arrows of bad thoughts into, good people’s, minds! There, is a thing called, The Human Nature, which takes care of that just fine.

But when the Devil and Christ and the other betrayers do attack their victims how are they doing it?

Let’s think in more modern terms?

The Devil and Christ are not mystical beings there not all-powerful. Their power is mental manipulation for the most part when they do shoot a flaming dart into your mind they are using 

A computer with the computational abilities to traverse dimensions and Terraform a Solar System!

Not as they would like you to believe with a bow and arrow.

Alien Invaders are most often seen in the Bible as demons That’s it you can go home now!!! That’s the fastest two-step, I’ve heard in a long time. The Alien Invaders are Demons in the Bible? That’s about a bunch of nothing as you can get. The religious believe this is all going down in textbook fashion. But that’s just not the case they’re going to use what they have at their disposal to pull-off this manipulative scenario!

The world is an extreme danger that it cannot comprehend somehow, it must become aware of the serious danger we face the evil that is upon us!

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