Three Religions, One Objective Murder!

Three religions, one objective Murder!
The Bible tells you to do this.

You are constantly being told; To Be Humble Before Your God, Obey, Kneel, And Worship, Pray And Be Obedient! You are told YOUR LIFE DEPENDS on whether or not you do this.

The Written Word, They Tell You; IS THERE SO YOU THINK THE RIGHT WAY!

Something to THINK about? 

The Devil Christ and the other betrayers wrote the Bible.

Why did they Write It, and a monstrosity of other religious material, The Way That They Did?

What could be worth the effort?

What could be their plan? 

Why, would they need absolute obedient dedication, commitment! 

What requirement would need such worshiping obedience?

People are critical of my posts. They are very defensive about their faith. I bring a truth that has not been heard before. It was never taught! Your Parents never knew. One must be willing to move past what the Devil has Entrenched into your Mind. This truth can be brought to light.

God’s the victim you’re to blame. And You will pay!
We face no greater threat!

God, the lie they are compelled to believe! The lie they want to believe!

The Show Must Go On.

They make it look good and wholesome don’t they, they believe it absolutely!

The movement of Evil is alive and well but you need to recognize it, and therein lies the problem! It’s hiding in respectability, moving constantly, active constantly, monitoring constantly, speaking within the privacy of the Mind!

The lies, the manipulation, the deceit!

“God” it’s right in front of you if only you could see it!

People listen up! All around the World, there are World leaders believing God exists! They believe this because that’s who they believe, is talking to them in their heads.

Some places are ruled by Religious Fanatics who are saying he’s talking to them! I’ll tell you now the World has been caught! It’s caught in a terrible lie! And unless the World can start to see! What is happening! No good will come of this!

You’ve heard their cover story (you’re to blame) on why God/Religion is the way it is.

Now hear the truth!

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