You are not hearing God’s voice! God’s an attack platform!

You are not hearing God’s voice! God’s an attack platform!

What you are experiencing, those in direct contact is a being consumed with hate. It is the Devil the callous coldness of this entity has been referenced In the past as reptilian in nature. Christ, and the Apostles. The Devil is not an Emergence of the Bible, the Devil has Been Here! with Christ! And the rest for Thousands and Thousands of Years before the Bible was writing.


They’ve Had The Time! They Have Built Their Religious Attack Platform, Through Trial And Error! Our existence is in Jeopardy!

What you cannot comprehend, those that do not believe! (And those that do) Is what this being of hate is saying to different individuals how it’s presenting itself. Whether this is God the Devil (you see anybody else guy) Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Shiva the Destroyer. whatever This is a serious problem, one that →can’t be ignored!← Unfortunately, this horrific reality will go unrealized. Any attempt to convey this message will confront ridicule.

The three-faced God is not as the world believes! It is the result of a technological tracking glitch!

You don’t know who you are! You don’t know what you are! You don’t know how you came to be! You don’t know where you are! You don’t know where you’re going! You don’t know where here is! You don’t know if you existed before now! You don’t know if you’ll exist after now! You say, you know what’s going on, you say you know everything! All you know is (what you believe) your mind tells you, you know!


Submission: Whether it’s the cube they surround! The wall they face! The cross they kneel to!

The fix is in!

They are oblivious to what they do. They can not see where it is they are. They can not comprehend the magnitude of their situation. The enemy they cannot fathom. They are mesmerized by their faith and oblivious to the real and imminent danger that we are all in! They are giving to this, Entity of hate, all it could hope for. The people of the World are in Serious Danger!

You think my posts bizarre, I stand against a group, Evil! Cunning! Dangerous! A group, that has overwhelmed the World! With its intent to Manipulate You!

They have set up an elaborate Mystical Mysticism, that elevates them, well beyond what they are!

What the People, need to understand, is there is no way that rational intelligent adults, would be carrying on the way they are about an entity that threatens them!

Talks about how it’s all love, that says you have to obey and worship! Who doesn’t do anything! Who’s never shown up at any hospital! Any emergency situations! Any military engagement!

This is a diabolical multi-frontal attack! By an evil entity!

The world needs to understand, become aware of how they are acting! They are not carrying on, as advanced and intelligent people would. The World should have advanced, well beyond the rattle shaking, spellcasters! People are psychologically, way behind where they should be!

And the reason as I’m trying to get you to understand is because of this evil group with a vast network of manipulation! This is not a group working in mystical mysticism this is a group of evil intent with an absolute understanding of science! And with this immense understanding of, science they manipulate the scientific world.

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