William Lane Craig vs Peter Millican: “Does God Exist?”, Birmingham University.

Hey hey, hey hey, who woulda thunk it?

Round and round and round we go where will we stop? The same place as before!

He’s never seen anything come into existence from nothing said the man standing in the middle of an oasis in an otherwise dead universe. Well, he’s right there both right sort of actually but where did it come from.

God, and Religion

They’ve taken it apart, Piece by Piece Analyzed Every Bit of It. They left (As far as they’re concerned) No Stone Unturned their thinking seems clear to them, on this subject. But they are getting it wrong! 

They’re caught in a ploy their structure of reasoning is created. They are forever trapped on a time-honored entrenched platform! The platform from which they base their reasoning is the Devil’s Platform. The Devil created the Platform on which they, stand on, the how and why they base their reasoning. If you could understand, you would realize, this also is, the Devil, Christ, and, the rest of the betrayers working the theater. Notice, how, no matter where you go! All discussions are based on the same platform. 

The problem, what they don’t understand is they are looking at, the how of things, on the wrong side of the fence! Yes, life looks like it magically appeared here and creationists believe it could only be God. And the universe is a miracle in its own right a scientific miracle to the magnitude that we exist. But the erroneous understanding is in accepting as a foregone conclusion that life originated on this plane of existence. We are highly advanced Beings sent here to terraform this solar system! And we are being manipulated! We have been compromised by an entity Our Father refers to as the Devil.

He says you can know God exist simply by immediately experiencing him This is the way people in the Bible knew God. And the trap is sprung! Therein lies the danger this is what they cannot understand! They will believe because they have been conditioned to believe.


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