If I Only Had a Brain – The Wizard of Oz

If I Only Had a Brain

The religious and non-religious.


I know that it is very confusing to the non- religious.

The Atheist sees religion as a man-made concept to control people. They see that religion is organized by cultural demand. They see religious people as brainwashed, succumbing to peer pressure. 

That the religious worship a God and Christ that never shows up at, any place where they are needed. But Promises and brags that they will show up to “Blow Us Up”,” And kill us with “biological weapons.” AND STILL, THEY GET ON THEIR KNEES AND PRAY! AND CALL THE KILLERS LOVE!

The Atheists see the worship but they don’t see it!

The Atheists hears the worshiping but they don’t hear it!

The Scarecrow, in reality, had a brain (It’s the other way around with intelligence man)

he was just manipulated into believing he didn’t he was dumbed-down. 

 The Religious will Never Convince the Atheist like the Atheist will Never Convince the Religious. The reason why this will never happen is that the Devil is in Control. The Devil Needs Both the Religious and Atheist to Ensure that his Plan to Kill Our Father Is Successful!

The World has been manipulated into believing lies!

Can the World comprehend?

Can the World overcome the lie that it is trapped within?

We are under attack and we have been dummied-down!

One of the purposes of the Atheist is to Push the Religious towards God. Another reason for the Atheist is to help to bring Technology, in a Direction that the Devil Must Have the Atheist is more help than they can imagine. 

Unfortunately, the Atheist will never Understand or Believe. What a Vital Help they’ve Been to the Devil, in his Pursuit. To Deceived the World, into Helping him. This is the Cunning and Evil of this, Entity Called The Devil.

Atheists like Religious people can’t be reasoned with

And unfortunately, they cannot accept this truth because they are also a victim of this attack. A manipulation, Oblivious to what’s unfolding in front of them! We are under attack in a very cunning and deceitful way. In more than one way this is a multi-frontal attack. With the attackers, also using close and direct methods. Our enemies will use direct contact and they will use Mental manipulation through technology. These techniques are used on the atheist as well as the religious with different Objectives

The Atheist does not Believe and will Refuse to Believe That Anything Like The Devil Could Exist. The only bizarre possibility that the Atheist is willing to entertain is the possibility of Extraterrestrials. And therein lies the third purpose of the Atheist. There is no God there isn’t a being of Cosmic Immensity they cannot perform miracles And they need a viable reason to implement technology! 

As the atheist cannot conceive of religion being anything but of a delusional nature and the religious cannot see any phenomena not being connected to their religious beliefs neither group can comprehend and manipulative Ploy that they have been trapped within that necessitates extraterrestrials.

If Only The Atheist and the Religious could become aware they would see this phenomenon unfolding in front of them. 

Who would do that indeed? A cold-blooded, group of evil intent, that’s who would and is manipulating the world! An entity of evil who thinks of you with total disgust

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