The Truth About Cern Large Hadron Collider

The Truth About Cern Large Hadron Collider

At least as far as KnoxTheBox and a large percentage of Religious people are concerned.

But, the majority of scientists, don’t see it that way scientists are a diverse group The majority, of them, are Atheist, or Agnostic. They do not believe in all the cosmic mysticism that they hear. To them, the bottom line is that we are flesh and blood a natural scientific phenomenon. And that’s the black and white of it this is reality, after all. And to say otherwise is insanity or extreme delusions, (and there are those who do).

Scientists don’t see any mysticism in the world and there isn’t!

But there is a group highly intelligent and extremely dangerous that is creating in certain places certain people instances of mysticism!

Scientists, however, can only believe it is nothing more than a compelling of their beliefs.

They have a total lack of understanding of the sadistic nature of the Devil. Understand, I’m not claiming mental illness doesn’t exist I’m trying to explain that the Devil’s nature mimics it. And he has the modified technology to implement it.

KnoxTheBox (I wonder where he got his microphone?) Talks about opening doorways that they will breach a created dimensional barrier and unleash The demonic fallen angels.

He says the scientist are trying to communicate with Entities of magnitude existing in another dimension (As they see them). And indeed the evidence is indicating it.

This video and videos like this are a motivated product by this group of evil intent understand they want the controversy with CERN they want a controversy of religion versus science.

The scientists will believe in the discoveries of any entities that manifest themselves within their awareness through scientific Ventures. Just as religious (and anyone for that matter) reacts when confronted by an entity they believe is divinity. The religious communities will never believe the dimensional entities of magnitude are anything but the Fallen Angels.

There is method here the world needs to understand.

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