The End Times, Threat of the Devil!

The End Times, Threat of the Devil!

You believe you have nothing to worry about. But you are mistaken!

The Devil, Let’s take a look at this. You have the Greatest Threat to Our Father and Us, that was Ever spoken!

And What Happens?

The book starts talking about how Bad You Are. How You are to Obey with Absolution, Everything said in these books.

Religious People seem to think the Devil is walking around looking for a job maybe in banking or handing out flyers saying Worship Me. Instead, they talk about How Bad We Are how we are to get on “Our Knees” and “Beg For Forgiveness.” To a “Mentally Enraged Creator,” a Creator that wants to be called God.

That can not see past his “Unquenchable Anger,” remember this is the same Creator that supposedly gave us “Flowers and Puppies”. The book forgets about the Devil, and instead talk about how we are to fear God, how we are to Worship God, Obey God.

This being, who wants to be called God has said, Obey him Absolutely, Or He Will Torment You! And Kill You!

Why, such Evil? Absolute Doom from a being who’s supposed to be love?

Why the Consistent Insistence on Worship or Else?

The World is caught in a horrible trap that it  just cannot conceive!

The religious seem to be comfortable with a God that likes to Drowned Families, and Burn People to Death.

That demands absolute obedience!

Or they just push that aside along with the Devil.

You can’t have it both ways.

So there you have it, Billions of People waiting for there God to appear, and yes, your God, The Tormenting, Family Drowning, God will Appear! But It Will Be The Devil.

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