Realize, the lies!

Realize, the lies

It seems these days just about everything we have been taught to believe is untrue. And the Bible is no exception, in fact, it is the King of Deception.

God never said My Poor Children, the Devil has poisoned you! But I will make you well. Or People hear my words there is a powerful being call the Devil, it is here and wants to hurt and kill you. And this is my plan to fight the Evil that has move against us. But no God never bothers. It’s obvious that God knows the Devil is here. So what is the reason for this?

The reason is that the Devil is God!

What! What kind of madness is this? How could anyone make such a ridiculous and unacceptable statement. It indeed seems foolish to think that Billions of religious people could be wrong or have been Deceived, But they are wrong and they have been Deceived. The Bible was the Devil’s from the beginning he orchestrated it.

When you read the Bible, you do not get an understanding of Our Father. You get an insight into the mind of the Devil. Religious people read the words count the numbers and reference pages. But they are not understanding the hate that they are reading. They do not see the constant brainwashing through repetition. The reader has to ask themselves would an immensely intelligent being one so intelligent. That he could create such a diverse amount of life, be also an Enraged Unreasonable Killer. A Killer who said all I want is you to Love Me as I Love You, Or I will kill you.

If you can understand that there is, Our Father and Our Mother and that there is a Devil. And If You are willing to consider that the Bible is a Lie! You can take a step back and see what has happened. You can see what the Devil is trying to do. They say the Devil is a Liar, a Deceived and that is what the Devil has done. The Devil has Lied and Deceived the Entire World!

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