The Devil thinks you’re an idiot! Stop trying to Prove him Right!

God doesn’t exist but the Devil does exist!

More Truth, for you to ignore?

But it’s not Your fault you’ve been Genetically Dumbed Down.

DNA was Manipulated Down!

This is important to understand because right now.

There’s a heavy push out there to manipulate you into believing your DNA was altered up! To make you a useful Slave.

It was Altered Down, Contaminated! To make you a useful Slave! To Manipulate You!

You are more then you realize!

Religious Leaders, World Leaders, Advocates for God. The Voice you hear in your head speaking to you is Not God! It’s Not Christ! Your brains have been compromised, assaulted, from a Viral Attack! Your DNA lowered. And you just can’t think clearly!

It is the Devil, Manipulating You! The reason is so you will swarm to him in Submissive Worship. So he can Manipulate you into a Worshiping Slave Force.

The Devil is after the Mineral Resources of this Planet. Using the Resources of the Planet to Construct a Weapon. Capable of reaching Our Father and Mother.

 A Ruthless Killer! A Vindictive Tormentor! The Devil, will not have to hold back and the People will be totally defenseless!

 If there was a God if God wasn’t a lie! Created by the Devil. Do you really believe, the God, that everyone is claiming is so Compassionate, Loving, Concerned. That this Place, this Planet, would really be the way that it is!

A God that lets people Suffer and Die! While half the World is walking around saying he’s so Loving. Do you really think God, would be claiming he’s Love, and if you don’t Obey and Worship Him, He will Torment you if God actually existed! Can you honestly, deep down inside you say this is how a Creator, of Love, would be! Would Act and Carry on, Threatening Defenseless, Scared People! Abandoning People, in their desperate time of need!

The world is entrenched in a deadly sleep!


The only thing they’ll ever find in that empty box is the Devil and Christ! (compromised) is now a Betrayer! All the People in the World are in serious danger! Our future is in serious danger! The plan is to annihilate ourselves with ourselves in a distant event. unfortunately, you cannot grasp this because your minds have been compromised!

Arrogance and Contempt, fortified in your mind! Are, your downfall!

The mental blockage has been reinforced to prevent awareness of the truth!

I seek to break through that blockage! And bring you to an awareness of the truth!

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