They Have Been Watching & Waiting Since You Were Born

They Have Been Watching & Waiting Since You Were Born

Obsessed to the point of insanity they just can’t stop, this group lays it on thick, super thick!

He says God will give you Deliverance! All you have to do is get on your knees and beg, to you have nothing left!

He says the only way the Devil can get back at God is by going after God’s object of affection that’s you and that’s me yes you are the object of God affection for God so loved the world that he…… threw a Butchering Bastard On a Planet of defenseless people that he threatens to kill if they didn’t worship Him! 

Yes, you won’t have to fight the psychopathic (Devil) alone, that God, dropped off at your house as long as you get on your knees and beg him to help you!

Deliverance from the enemy we wouldn’t need Deliverance If God as it were hadn’t thrown the Devil on the Planet in the first place! But then how else could he have gotten here to hurt the defenseless people that God so so so much loves!

God wants you to truly believe and yes once you truly believe in God’s Divine absolute greatness! And that you were willing to submit in Absolute Obedience!

Once you believe! Once you believe! Once you absolutely believe!

The Devil knows he’s got you firmly in his grip!

Pray for all your worth the Devil wants you to pray for her all your worth So that you will be mentally committed to their manipulations!

The Devil has this group of enthralled rabid mad-dog zealots dancing to the fiddle!

This is one obsessed possessed group of religious zealots! This group of enthralled zealots is doing an immensity of damaging harm while believing they’re doing a world of good!

Can you see how this group and groups like it will be absolutely receptive to any manipulative spiel they spew!

Can you see how Christ and, the betrayers are trying to mentally condition the World!

Quite successfully I might add.

Bombarded by idiocy the world just can’t be reached.

Come on, people, this isn’t brain surgery! Try to understand the evil that is unfolding, right, in front of you

The only truth spoken in this video was them saying the Devil cares nothing about you, and that is the truth. You are merely something to use and throw away as far as the Devil’s concerned. But there’s also Christ and the rest of the betrayers to them you are also nothing (Try to understand) but a means to an end.

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