The Devil and Christ have almost “Total Control” of the World!

The Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayers are the ones responsible for all the Religions in the world!

The Devil is the one everyone “calls God,” and he believes they cannot be stopped. But why has the Devil waited, and why does he believe victory is guaranteed?

Why hasn’t the Devil implement his plan sooner?

The Devil has saturated the World with his Religious Fronts. The Devil has the word, GOD! Flowing from every mouth! It has Generals and World Leaders on their Knees Praying to him. And the Devil and Christ have brought Religion as far as it can go.

And religion is starting to “recede.” The reason the Devil has not moved sooner. There are actually many reasons why the Devil had to wait. When the Devil seized control of the Planet, he immediately set in motion the Situation he needed to bring Technologically in a different direction.

The Devil needs us to develop in a Particular Technological Way.

The Devil, also needs us Entrench in a Particular Mindset a Specific Way of Thinking!

The Devil is quite a powerful being! But this power comes from Stolen Technology. And this Power is limited in some areas. The Devil can control a Person’s mind to an alarming degree. And yes, the Devil can read your mind! If he’s In Your Mind, Talking to You, he can certainly hear What You’re Thinking.

Yes, the Devil has some abusive flexibility with the individual, but not the masses. They need to control them in other ways, such as with religious propaganda. The Devil needs a lot of time to make this plan work. And there was a good chance that the People of the World would discover with time, what the Devil was, and what it was trying to do. Remember the Devil and Christ are no more omnipotent, omnipresent omniscient then you or, I. It wants complete control of the World’s natural resources, to build Technology, and it needs a World Population of Willing Slaves (that’s you) to pull this off. The Devil wants to accomplish this so it can kill! Our Father and Mother and all of us!

Complete control, the Devil and Christ, and the rest of the betrayers have had full control from the beginning. But, with the advancement of technology, they will have a much better integration! 

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