The majority of people do not take my warning seriously. It seems the ropes, not the right color, but that’s the world.

Atheist seems to believe, Religion and God, are some kind of Natural Phenomena a Natural World Delusion.

The world seems to think it makes perfect sense!

Billions of People and Entire Countries are on their Knees to a God who’s never here!

“God’s Not Here.” God’s Never Been to a Hospital. God’s Never Appeared in an Emergency Situation. And yet all kinds of buildings of Worship are built to a being that a book said to call God. All sorts of religious gatherings revivals, stadiums, Etc God, Never Appears. God Never Shows that he’s a “Loving Caring God” Yet Millions, Billions Proclaim God’s so Loving and Compassionate.

This is a Very Serious Wrong! A Very Very Serious Threat.

We are under attack!

The people of the world need to realize what is happening to them as Preposterous, as all this will seem to you. It is by no means anymore, inconceivable. Then the fact that Billions of People Worshiping a Cold Indifferent Distant Empty God who Threatens To kill Billions.

As mind-boggling hard to conceive, the possibility of all of this happening. This has to be acknowledged accepted. And the proper action taken by the People of the World. This needs to happen before it’s too late for all of us.

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