Question 6: Can Satan read our thoughts?

Michael Pearl is an American, Independent Baptist and Christian fundamentalist pastor, evangelist.

The Door Man Cometh!

Question 6: Can the Devil hear what you are thinking? And a few other things, you won’t believe!

The Devil has ensnared this victim in a kaleidoscope mesmerization of absolute devotion. There is absolutely no way you’d be able to convince this man that he is not in communication with a believed God! This unfortunate gentleman, like all the Devil’s victims (targets), feels he has Divine Purpose. But he is one of the Devil’s fine-tuned precision weapons! With an immensity of extremely dangerous and misleading Videos to his credit. In this posting, I am going to try and explain some of the difficulties with confronting this dangerous group! The video starts with a question: can the Devil read your thoughts followed by the exclamation, “it would be scary for anybody to read your thoughts other than God!” He then interesting enough brings up Google (Vicky, Skynet, either will be close enough to what Google is evolving into!) But this man’s mind is not into such Syfy fantasy. No, he’s using Google to emphasize the Devil’s analytical skill! But what about the what, where, how of it? How is it, the Devil’s capable of achieving this impressive feat, Cosmic Power?

The Religious believe this and want You to believe the Devil lives in a cosmic dimensional swirl of time and space. And besides being extremely good-looking has an analytical mind of infinite magnitude and a photographic memory! (It’s almost like the Devil writes his material). He then brings up Job to emphasize how the Devil was at a disadvantage because he couldn’t read Job’s mind! (The Devil is being his typical multifaceted strategist). After Job, he starts talking about possession; he does not clarify exactly how the Devil can possess you and not hear your thoughts, although he does claim that God and Christ controlled who the Devil can possess. He describes God and Christ as a couple of creeps victimizing people with their attack dog! Pearl goes on to erroneously inform his listeners that the Devil cannot possess a Christian, could not possess him. Pearl says, he and other Christians can chase the Devil away by declaring Christ is the savior! This is absolutely false, wrong advice! The Devil can possess whoever he feels like whenever he feels like it! I will explain as we go.

But first, we need to go back to Syfy, or more to the point Science. To the reality of Our Incomprehensible Universe, a vast seemingly endless Universe for all intent and purposes desolate! And then! At the solar system edge, something that can only be described as a-keen to a sci-fi movie A vast monumental array of equipment and ships! They’re not from this dimension this frequency; they’re from a higher one where what we came into existence! They’re here to accomplish something to fulfill a dream. And they begin bringing their vast array of equipment powerful enough to nudge a planet into alignment. The plan is going right, and everything’s going as hoped. The Planets are thriving with life! And then it happened! A group compromised by a being consumed with hate for our Father has been planning, waiting, they make their move! Their act of betrayal severing the link to our home plane, “like a cable being severed on a deep submersible.”

This group is not going to the extremes that it has using an extreme degree of manipulation just to entertain itself! This is a group that seeks to manipulate us in ways that makes the concept the belief of a God necessary!

The gentleman in this video is operating from a platform of honesty and good intent. And he’s right about all the ways the Devil uses to manipulate People! But he is wrong about the Devil’s ability/inability to possess someone and how he acquires his information.

We are not dealing with the whimsical whims of a cosmic wizard.

With the monumental amount of engineering equipment, the ships, and other equipment to move it throughout the solar system. And with an internet a little better than our best connecting everything! There is one other piece of equipment, perhaps the most essential piece, a Computer, not any computer, a Powerhouse of a Computer! With the computational abilities needed to navigate through dimensions and terraform a solar system! And with the ability of this powerful computer, they can track every moment, every word! Every thought and action at any time for any duration; this is how they access the mind; they use this computer! The answer to the question can “The Devil hear your thoughts; the answer is yes!” With the ease of pushing a button! And this is how the Devil and Christ can possess you! The World is in a deep deception; not only is the entire World not aware of this group, and what is happening. A vast majority are unwittingly helping them to succeed!

We are in extreme danger!

This is an extremely vicious group. Be extremely careful if you should encounter them.

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