Your God, Your Christ, Have No Honor!

Understand Your Enemy, Your Enemy Understands You!

Your God, Your Christ, Have No Honor!

Where is your God. Where is your Christ.


The story of God is a lie.

If you are an Atheist you may already realize that words of reason, logic do not prevail against the onslaught of Religion. The Atheist has found (or more accurately) is constantly finding out that you cannot reason with a Religiously indoctrinated Person. Unfortunately for the same reasons, the Religious can’t see the manipulation that is happening to them. The Atheist is unable to be logically reasoned with either.

The only God, you will ever find will be the Devil.

If a loving deranged sadistic killer, demanding Worship does not sit well with you. Then you are on your way to understanding truth.

You have been saturated you have been mentally conditioned there is a reason. A time is coming soon when your mental faculties will be pushed to the Limit. The knowledge I am trying to relay, my words can help you, in, this realization. But words alone cannot fight what You and the World are experiencing.

You just have to discover this in Yourself!

The Religious as with The Atheist are unable to grasp the truth!

This is the Nature of the Attack that the World is Experiencing.

The mental build-up, fortification of familiarity isn’t for nothing. They are planning a major move!

When the time comes, you have to stand as strong as you can. With all the truth you can claim for yourself.

From a Demented Mind (the Devil) comes a Demented God. The People of this World have Underestimated the Cunning of their Enemy. And the Enemy is Closer to Victory then they Know.

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