Marilyn Manson – God’s Gonna Cut You Down

Marilyn Manson – God’s Gonna Cut You Down (Official Music Video)

Some religious groups are scratching their heads over this one. But the Devil doesn’t care! This is simply keeping current, keeping it foremost in your minds! 

I just want to mention if you do happen to be down on your knees! And an entity starts talking to you (it has happened just look at the YouTube videos). You don’t have to convince me that what you’re experiencing is real. I know what you are experiencing I know of the thoughts you have been forced to think, there is no shame in what happened to you. They are in everything and everywhere! But you need to understand you’re being deceived! If it is presenting itself as a God or as God’s representative, it is not this entity! Try to understand God Is A Lie! If it should present itself as the Devil it is there to either kill you or push you to God. 

Can you see the way they’re operating on the Rock platform! With cold precision, it’s the mind thereafter! Acceptance through saturation. God wouldn’t need to tell you he was going to kill you! But a group intent on manipulating you would certainly want you to have this belief entrench within your mind!

Be careful this is an extremely vicious entity and the betrayers are indifferent to its ways! The thing the public cannot grasp with all the Billions throughout the World down on their knees is that this is an illness it is an illness in how the whole world is affected. 

It is to call: all religions, all the recorded testimony given of encounters, divine messaging, divine inspirations, all documented accounts throughout the ages! The actions of an omnipotent being! Or the carrying on of delusional mentally ill people!  ENTRENCHED LIMITED THINKING!

Like Ozzy, Marilyn doesn’t have a clue that they’re puppets on the devil’s platform all they know is the money’s good (if it needs to, it will make you the wealthiest man in the World) and it usually is when you’re on the devil’s platform, But then how could they, Mike Tyson once said everyone’s a gangster until they get punched in the mouth. He should know. Just like I know, those two guys don’t have a clue. And neither do you! I hope from my post you’ll come to the understanding of the serious danger we all face. The worlds extremely mentally encapsulated making this an extremely difficult thing. There are hard truths I could tell you, but your natures will not accept it. Just like most of you, but more likely all of you, will not accept the truth I’m speaking now! One thing this hateful cold and an indifferent group that is attacking all of us! Is that they are in a position of manipulating strength, who believe they have the time! Although, technically they are on a timeline (deadline), hence the reason they told you, the Devil’s time is short. Something to keep in mind.

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