The Existence of Our Father and Mother! And why they can not Answer Prayers.

The Existence of our Father and Mother!

And why they can not Answer Prayers.

There is no God!

There is our Father!

There is no Goddess!

There is our Mother!

And unfortunately, there is a Devil (goes by the name God, Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver, and Shiva the Destroyer. And Shang Ti.)

Now, most have heard of the Devil how he was loved by God and trusted by God and place in a position of authority. BUT THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH; what is not know is that THE DEVIL IS AN ENTITY OF HATE!. IT took control of powerful technology with the help of compromised betrayers. And now they have us in a chokehold and our Father and Mother are unable to reason with them. Now because of what the Devil Christ in the rest of the betrayers have done, it makes it impossible for our Father and Mother (This is an unimaginable hurt for them) to intervene/help us.

Now let’s look at it this way. Take yourself and your loved one, if you had to stay in a room while some Taunting Evil Being, Harmed or Killed! One of Your Loved Ones! Or Forced You to Watch Helplessly as a loved One Dies! or Dies from an illness, not able to do anything to stop it and have other loved ones of yours cry out to you to do something now compound this by having to go to another loved one and experience this again and again This is what they have endured every day since the Devil took control of the Planet! When the Devil uses this technology, it wants you to think it is God (Our Father does not use the word God, and Our Mother does not use Goddess). The Devil has succeeded, with the help of this technology, to integrate the concept of God! So Entrenched the People! So Thoroughly believing this God is a reality!

Now try to understand our Father and Mother know every hurt, fear, you have! As I have said earlier, this is an unimaginable hurt for them.

The Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayers have some seriously disturbing abilities with this modified technology! Be extremely careful, if you encounter them.

Dad 101: They sold you a God and they packaged him well!

They told you your Children of God and that he’s your Father. They told you about the Devil. They told you what he did and what he wants to do. They told you God threw the Devil, upon the Earth with his Children. They told you God punished his Children because they listen to something the Devil said. Now God’s angry and he called his Children Sin. Let me tell you something about Fathers.

They somehow forgot to mention this to you.

When somebody breaks into a Father’s House and hurts his Children. He doesn’t beat the kids. He doesn’t threaten them with torment and tells them he has so much love for them. No, a Father doesn’t hurt his children, when somebody attacks them. He hugs and remembers how much he loves them. He doesn’t throw them out of the house and into the arms of the psychopath that attacked them.  When a house catches on fire a loving father doesn’t say half my kids are brats. I’ll let them burn away. So try to remember what a child really means to a Father. 

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