Say what! I went over to a religious page?

Say what!

I went over to a religious page, for no reason? The page popped up somewhere and I clicked the link. I went down the page a little bit and read some of the things people were saying. And all I can say is ” WOW”

I know that’s kind of wordy.

What I am saying is the way people were talking was disturbing to the point of painfulness. It was incredibly saddening to see the extent of what they believed God, was going to do for them.

I can see why the Devil’s laughing.

Listen to how they speak of God, how they speak, as if he’s an actual fact. As if he’s standing right there nodding his head in agreement! Listen to how they say you have to be very obedient and do everything that God says to do! See how a lot of these groups think they have been selected, enlightened, privileged to information others don’t possess, Chosen Ones!

They’ll tell you you have to get right with God, you have to allow him, “beg him” to enter you, possess you!

Take a moment, and think about that!

Understand the unnaturalness that you are seeing throughout the World!

Christ and the other betrayers have packaged it wholesome and good, but there’s no good in them!

They see goodness as a weakness, a tool of manipulation! Which they have integrated thoroughly into the fabric of their attack!

The Muslim, by the Millions, their face in the ground! The Christian, Millions kneeling, begging forgiveness! Only a force of evil intent could cause such a phenomenon of accepted madness! The Devil’s laughing, he’s licking his lips, he’s clapping his hands, he’s biting at the bit! He’s throwing punches in the air screaming come on!

They’re eating out of his hand, and all the World has gone Mad!

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