Aliens or Natural Phenomenon? The Mystery of 100 Missing Stars

Aliens or Natural Phenomenon? The Mystery of 100 Missing Stars

With no extraterrestrials to be found? The Devil has a plan!

In this video, this gentleman starts with speculation on the existence of aliens. He mentions that no aliens have tried to contact us, and the scientist are beginning to speculate that there are no other civilizations out there! And they are right they don’t know it definitely, but this is the case. It opens the door and begs the question if there are no aliens out there. If this is a dead universe, how are extraterrestrials supposed to appear on the planet! It seems there’s a little bit of a dilemma if the Devil wants to use extraterrestrial. But wait! The Devil, he’s a smart fellow, and he’s giving this one some thought! Well, now, what do we know?

Is there anywhere out there? Anywhere that we are hearing about aliens, anywhere!

Ayahuasca, (“eye — a — waska”) And they come from another dimension!

Well, isn’t that convenient!

He knows he has to trick those smart scientists, and a dimensional twist would do the trick! Scientist are already scratching their heads over the Ayahuascas intelligent entity twist. Which oddly comes with Christ sometimes appearing hanging from a cross!

All right, let’s run the simulator!

The plot thickens!

Let’s break down the numbers, how many acid heads are out there? How many people are consumers of mind-altering substances? How many of them would use ayahuasca? Now let’s say every single one of them started saying extraterrestrial entities we’re communicating with them and telling them they were about to appear! How do you think a scenario unfolding in such a manner would be perceived in an unaware World!

There’s another figure that appears in the mystical realm of ayahuasca!

It is a female entity that is being described as a Goddess! Within the description of this entity, is the insistence upon its dominance of you! This entity is extremely dangerous!

I will give you an example of its evil. There is a gentleman out there who is somewhat known for videos on previous civilization for the most part. A gentleman who seems to sincerely be looking for truthful answers. He decided to experiment for research purposes, the effects of this mind-altering drug. He encountered this entity that many others had claimed to encounter. In conversations with this entity, it had succeeded in compromising him! And begin to tell him, in order for them to continue communicating, he would have to discontinue his heart medications! The last I knew, he was seriously contemplating stopping his medicine to continue communicating with her! Whatever he does, I hope he does not stop taking his medication. Please consider that you have been deceived. Beware, you know not what you are up against.

This man also speaks about stars disappearing. He theorizes it could be an advanced civilization taking advantage of the immense energy of the sun. Let’s look at this from another angle! What is another possibility that wasn’t discussed? Dimensions! Dimensions exist; we just don’t know this is so!

And terraformers would be a highly advanced bunch. Now let’s say betrayers were trying to pull off one piece of fancy deception! They wouldn’t be standing right there in plain sight. They’d be trying to hide this fact! And the best place to hide is where they know you can’t see! And they know it well, it is in one of these dimensional rifts!

It could take an immensity of power to stay hidden within, and could possibly take the consumption of who knows how many Stars to achieve with something at the magnitude of what this group is trying to achieve. Wiping out who knows how many stars to achieve the success of their deception is nothing they would have a problem with.

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