I am trying to warn you!

I am trying to warn you! You have no idea what’s coming, and you’re not ready!

WE ARE Under attack!

Not By Governments. But By An EVIL Not Understood, Not Even Recognized!

So WELL HIDDEN!… Almost Unimaginable.

It’s Time Is Here!… They are planning getting ready major moves.

The Devil, Christ, and the Rest of the betrayers Are Convinced Victory is Guaranteed!

I’m warning you so that you will be ready!

It would help if you’d pull your head out of the ground! And see the fanaticism look at how they carry on. Listen to how/what they say; understand what’s happening!

You have been Deceived!

We Need to be Ready! We Have to be Prepared!

From the Mind of the Devil, Christ and the Rest of the Betrayers, Comes God, Understand Your Enemy, Your Enemy Understands You.

The complexity of the attack is immense. The Devil, Christ, and the Rest of the Betrayers have World leaders on their Knees. They have Military Commanders on their Knee. They have Prominent Religious Leaders on their Knees. They are Sure they can Control the Masses. They have Billions on their Knees. They have Billions Begging it to Appear.

We Must Be Ready!

You looked but did not see!

You heard but did not hear!

Is it too late?

The illness of God is already in your head. You do not need to be a devoted religious person.

Never has such a concept as God ever been pushed as hard never has there ever been something so forcibly thrown at someone over so long a period of time as the concept of God!

We are under attack by an Evil that is cunning and full of hate!

An Enemy that desires to use you and kill you!

And you don’t even know that it is here!

You have been deceived at the very core of your understanding.They’re coming at you one way than cutting to another.

We are under a multi-frontal total immersion Attack!

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