This is not a Religious site.

It is not an attempt to start a New Religion.

This page is an attempt to bring to light the fact of the Existence of our Father and Mother.

We are a creation of two, a Father and a Mother.

This page is also an attempt to bring to light the horrible truth of what has happened and why.

We do not have a God, of astronomically questionable character a God, with unconscionable lust to be worshiped! And does nothing but threaten torment. For thousands of years, People have murdered, in the name of this being. To a God who’s never been to a hospital!

Our Father and Mother are not Gods. They do not want to be thought of as Gods! Our Father and Mother, are Highly Intelligent Extremely Advanced Beings. Who built the Technology to create this World. That Technology is now in the possession of the Devil.

Prevented thousands of years from access to this planet. Verbally assaulted, daily, they have never left. They are determined to find a solution to this horrible event that has befallen them and all of us.

I bring you good news, indeed! Our Father and Mother; Are not Religious! They love us very much! And would never ask us to Worship them!! They Are devastated about what has happened. Our Father and Mother; didn’t create the Universe. They are not Anti-Science. They have a complete understanding of Science.

They used their knowledge to build Highly Advanced and Powerful Technology. The Devil; Has compromised a group sent here and taking control of and is using this Powerful and Highly Advanced Technology.

This picture is their propaganda as is all religious art!

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