Is It The Weekend Yet? White Powder Gold!


Is It The Weekend Yet?

White Powder Gold!  White Gold Powderrrrrrrr!

This Drug Is Awesome You’re Begging Please! So Unbelievable, You’d Do Anything For lt.

Even Follow An Evil Entity If It Knew How To Make lt.

And Guess What? The Devil Does!

And The Devil Knows Not To Give Them To Much!

Just Enough To Make Them Come Back For More!

The Side Effect!

You Know Right From Wrong “But You Just Don’t Care!” The Devil’s Motivation Is Hate! Their Motivation Is A Drug!

They are the reason you see all the horrors in the World! They are almost what we once were! Before they were compromised and their ability to care was taken from them and replaced with a desire for this drug! A desire so Intense they are willing to kill their/our Father! They are manipulating us from a multitude of directions to achieve this desire. They were not here for that purpose. They were here to terraform our solar system into an oasis of life! They had put everything they had into the engineering to get here to pursue this dream. And now we face an extremely deadly situation.

They will not stop, they cannot be reasoned with. They are convinced that they cannot be stopped.

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