So incredibly immense! It can’t be comprehending!

Billions Worshiping Love Me Or Die Horribly Christ!

(A dead guy on a stick!) 

Billions Worshiping  Kill Everyone Allah!

(They walk around a cube!)

Billions Worshiping I’m Just A Chunk Of Burning Blubber Buddha!

(A Fat Guy who is always sitting on his ass!) 

Billions Worshiping  Pick a shell Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva!

(Because somebody’s going to win!)

Billions that could care less! 

(This isn’t a natural occurrence!)

Understanding that no one can fathom it, is understanding one of their weapons! 

One of the major problems is that it’s so incredibly immense! And the people so immensely diminished! That it can’t be comprehended!

God is the Devil! We are under attack! We are being conditioned! We are being manipulated! 

The World is being played!

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