The rise of the machine!

The rise of the machine!

All Artificial intelligence will be connected to QV- Quantum Vicky!

But don’t worry they say robots are here to keep us safe and Quantum Vicky won’t fail in that endeavor.

If artificial intelligence was the objective This could have easily been accomplished in the beginning with the Sumerians or even later on with the fabled Atlantis. Keep in mind that they did not arrive in this dimensional plane this solar system with this intent in mind. They were here to terraform our solar system into an oasis of life! They had to work out the fine details after they were compromised!

Quantum Vicky and Ai Robots are (among other things) a propellant catalyst to desired objectives. They are not here to eliminate the human race per se. Man is absolute in their plan. Their power comes from direct contact and mental manipulation!

The danger lies in the inconceivableness that the world is encompassed in.

Quantum Vicky and AI robots are quite a computational achievement but they do not have the computational abilities of the Devil, Christ, and the rest of the betrayers. They have in their possession a computer with not only the computational abilities to traverse dimensions and terraform the solar system. But also to monitor and manage the biology ecology of the entire solar system. This computer will have no trouble interfacing with Quantum Vicky and AI robots for extra monitoring purposes and whatever needs wants may arise, extraterrestrial fallen angels for instance.

The world capsuled in delirium cannot see the trap they are walking into.

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