God’s Not Dead he’s imaginary.

God’s imaginary the assessment of the atheist.

Imaginary; the Atheist like the Religious walk around the edge of truth!

The only thing that’s imaginary, is your inflated belief in Your Cognitive Abilities; such as Logic & Reasoning. God is imaginary the question is from whose imagination!

Imagine if you will an entity in existence that is inconceivable of you to imagine!

God is the fictitious creation of an Evil Mentally Disturbed Entity consumed with hate!

Unlike the religious and the atheist I know the World has been and is being deceived by some very evil beings. The beings that I speak about have us at the moment and they have us good. And they are intoxicated with confidence.

I have faced the evil that encompasses the world, and the ones that stand with it. And I have to hope!

I have to believe, that the World will somehow wake up, and realize what’s happening.

We are in extreme Danger!

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