Our existence is manufactured!


Our existence is manufactured, you are being deceived, manipulated!

In the day to day, in the mundane where they are not perceived this group of cold intent moves with calculated precision. The conditioning of mankind is complete, full saturation has been achieved it is now a matter of time!

At best the religious think I’m a dark an unenlightened person at worst they think I’m a demon, walking death.

The atheist thinks I’m a fool saying things preposterous.

I bring a message that cannot be fathomed, a horror that cannot be realized! We are in extreme danger, that through biological manipulation and ongoing mental manipulation cannot be comprehended. You think I’m an evil come to manipulate your mind, bringing you to Hell an Anti Christ come to ensnare you. You worship a killer and call the creep loving. As long as I can I will keep trying to reach as many people as I can. You take me as a joke or evil, I can not in good conscience, not try to warn you (You cannot confront what you cannot comprehend). But know this, placing me in contempt (religious or otherwise) only serves to keep you in the Devil’s grip

My words are for those who have fallen victim to this evil group. For those who have met the Devil, and because of it believe God is real. And for those who have met the Devil as God and believe they have been selected empowered and enlightened (they’ll know to some degree my words are true) these are deceptions that I am attempting to bring awareness to. What I offer for the astute is a wealth of information. What I offer, if you can see is the key!

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